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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

Today's activities are two open jeep safaris through the tiger reserve. We were collected for the first one at 6.30am, to be back for breakfast at 10. The second is after lunch at 2.30pm. The reserve is sectioned into zones, and this morning's visit was to zone 7. There are no guarantees, and of course the only sighting was in zone 6. The trail was very rough and hard on my ageing bum! Today is also Holi day here, a public holiday which is celebrated by smothering each other in brightly coloured powder and dye. Although the jeep driver tried his best to exempt us from this ritual, by the time we drove back through the crowded village, spirits were so high that we also got covered. I hope the second visit results in a tiger sighting for Jill and Margaret, but the 3 images represent my day. Sore bum looking at barren terrain, fake tiger image taken from a picture in the hotel lobby, and then a beer by the pool this afternoon. I'm getting too old for all this excitement!

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