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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Regency Hotel

We have two nights here. It is a lovely hotel, chosen by Jill from experience. It's offering is similar to our first hotel in Delhi, but with more facilities such as the pool and spa, where the Gateway was on another level again. As with all hotels in India, the food offering is curry buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although the Gateway also had a European a-la-carte menu as well. Now I love my Indian restaurants at home, but I also have a very limited list of ingredients that I will eat. For example, I would never choose salad, vegetables, or lamb dishes. Unfortunately, so far, that has been all that has been on offer here so far. Margaret and Jill are both loving their huge plates of salad and various veg based curries, whereas for me - it was a bag of crisps again for lunch. I will survive, tomorrow we leave for Jaipur, and a run of hotels from the Taj group again.

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  1. Brave women! I wouldn't eat anything raw and unpeeled in India..... :-)


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