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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Last day in Munnar.

Another great day! Up at 7.30am, breakfast at 8.00, and out at 9.00. We collected our guide in town, and then it was off to Top Station, Munnar, the highest place in this area. On route we called at Mattupetty Dam. On the way back, a stop and hands on private tour of the tea plantation factory museum, followed by a walk around the bazaar in town. Tea was introduced to this area in the 1790's by the British. Later, production was run wholly by the Tata company, who own Tetley, but in 2005 they mainly pulled out, creating a co-operative company. Before tea, the valleys were grasslands with a rope pulley way in place to serve the high ranges community, from Munnar. In 1908 this was replaced by a light steam railway, imported in pieces from Britain. Unfortunately this was all washed away by floods in 1924. The remnants of both can be seen at the top station where the old platform is visible as well as masonary from the rope way. Scenes from the movie Life of Pi were shot here. On to Allepay and the backwater canals at 9.00am tomorrow.

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