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Monday, 8 April 2013

On to Abu Dhabi

We spent Sunday exploring the state capital, Trivandrum, on foot, with our guide. It was hot! We were even picked out by an Indian TV crew on the street to interview us on how we were coping with the weather - the hottest Summer in Kerala for years. We were shown a Temple, with the most intricately carved granite and limestone facade. The Maharaja's palace next door was also interesting in that it was abandoned 150yrs ago after the one who built it, using the resourses of 1000 men over 14 yrs to do so, died 12 months after it's completion. He had built it, unusually, South facing, and it was thought this was the cause of his death, so was never used again. It certainly was hot in there! Finally it was a visit to a museum and art gallery built by the Victorians for the Maharaja. In the evening we dined in the 'Bait' restaurant, located righ on the hotel's private beach. Our table was under the stars, with the crashing breakers of the Arabian Sea right beside us. The area was illuminated by lanterns. At around 8.30 we were joined by the Govenor of the State of Kerala. Not literally of course, but he and his entourage walked past our table as they arrived for dinner. It included pages in traditional dress who appeared to be bag carriers, and there was a whole squad of armed guards who positioned themselves at strategic points around the grounds. It all added to the interest of our fabulous tour of India. Next though is the part Mags and I have been really looking forward to. We leave here tonight bound for Abu Dhabi, where Jill will leave us to return to London and work. We however, have a further 5 days stay in the Emirate with relatives before we fly back to Manchester next Sunday. There are some benefits to getting old.

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