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Friday, 26 April 2013

Reality Tours - Dharavi Slum Tour, Mumbai.

While in Mumbai earlier this month we decided to see the 'real' India as opposed to the more normal tourist sights. We chose a slum tour on offer by a local company, Reality Tours. This company operates slum tours as a business, but puts back up to 80% of the revenue gained after taxes, into community projects within the slums. It was an experience not to be missed, and highly recommended.

13th compound in Dharavi - the re-cycling area
Boy in a narrow street in Dharavi
Cardboard re-cycling
Dharavi kids
Embroidery factory
A goat with admirers
Machine manufacturing
A migrant worker in a factory
Mum and kids in Dharavi
Oil can re-cycling in Dharavi
Paint re-cycling factory
Plastic re-cycling factory
Plastic re-cycling on a Dharavi rooftop
Rag picker carrying re-cycled bags
Reality gives youth empowerment programme
Pottery in Kumbharwada, the potteries village within Dharavi.
The Indians are a resourceful lot and operate re-cycling businesses here that we would not even contemplate. This tour is highly recommended if you are ever in Mumbai.


  1. What an amazing experience this must have been! Elly

    1. Hi Elly. It certainly was an experience, and as far as we are concerned, one not to be missed. The tour itself took us right into the heart of things, going right inside those busy workshops, and even up on to the roof tops, something that would never happen here. The area also felt safe, something that many places around us in Manchester certainly don't. Cameras were not allowed on the day, to preserve people's privacy, and the above photo set has just been sent to me by the company to be used as I wish, obviously to promote their work in that community.

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