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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Second day in Cochin.

We arranged that our driver would collect us at 9.30am this morning, after one of the best hotel breakfast buffets we have ever had. Not only did it include real bacon and sausage, but also more unusual offerings such as doughnuts and ice cream! The ladies thought it would be rude not to try. Anyway, we collected our guide, and our first stop was the oldest Christian church in Kerala, St. Francis, established by the Portuguese in 1503. The explorer Vasco De Gama's remains were interred here. The tomb remains, but he was returned to his homeland by his son in 1538. Other places visited were the Cochin Club, built by the British in 1808, and more or less unchanged. Then there was the harbour hotel, that was the yacht club in the 1800's. We returned to the hotel at lunchtime, and the most amazing thing happend. There is a German cruise ship in port, and as we walked past the waiting tuk tuks, one of the drivers lept out and approached us. It was Achu, the tuk driver who had given us our city tour when we last visited off Oriana's world cruise in February 2012! A fabulous day.

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