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Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Wonders of Abu Dhabi

Here we are on our final full day in Abu Dhabi. We have had a fantastic stay here thanks to the hospitality of our hosts - Margaret's cousin and his wife, Ron and Beo. The place is unbelievably wealthy to our eyes, and a complete contrast to our stay in India. I would even go as far to say that India is to the UK, what the UK is to Abu Dhabi! We have followed a full itinerary which started with a fitness walk around the famous Yas Marina Racing Circuit, home to the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.

Yas Viceroy Hotel

Then, at Margaret's request we visited the only hospital for falcons in the world. This has received many awards and worldwide recognition for both tourism and the work it does for the care of the birds. Have a look here: A D Falcon Hospital

Introduction to the Falcon Hospital

One of the residents

Then, whilst Beo prepared for a Songkran party during the evening, (Thai New Year), we were taken into the desert to a Passage Control Point of the final stages of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally. Up until about 5 years ago Ron was the Chief Marshal at this event. A very exciting morning was spent here.

PC 2 refuel on the Abu Dhabi Challenge

It ain't arf hot!

Getting the card stamped

The only way to travel to these desert events!

During the evening it was on to The Sheraton Hotel for the Songkran party. What an experience! We were introduced to the Thai Ambassador to Abu Dhabi, and the author Seumas Gallacher. The outfits were just amazing!

Meen, The Thai Ambassador and Beo

Dancing to the Songkran Song

The day after - it was off to the British Club, (these days just ''The Club"), for some R and R around the pool there. They actually have water chillers in the outdoor pools here, where we would have heaters!

Followed by an evening cruise along the Corniche in the club's Dhow, refreshments included.

.....And today we visited the Emirates Palace Hotel for Morning coffee. You just wouldn't believe the opulence in there. They even have a cash to gold dispensing machine!

Entrance to the Emirates Palace Hotel

The lobby

Morning Coffee

The temperature was 40 degrees by this time

We have had a wonderful time both in India with our daughter Jill, and in Abu Dhabi with Ron and Beo. Tomorrow - it is back to reality.

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