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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How Do I Place An Active Link Into The Text Of A Blogger Comment?

Many of the 'technos' will of course already know what I mean by the title, and how to do it. I was one who didn't, but luckily I have a son who is employed in IT and web design, so I do now, so I will share for the benefit of those who wish they could - but don't know how!

Have you ever, like me, wished you could place within your comment to a blog post, a link, perhaps to a relevant post of your own, or an external website which would assist in illustrating your point. We have all had those advertising type comments which always have links in them to promote the business of those making the comment for their own benefit, so please don't abuse the knowledge by becoming a 'spammer' yourself.

This is how to do it.

Open a new browser tab that contains the web page that you want to include and link to in the text of your comment.

Highlight the web address of the website. You will see it in the top address bar of your browser, right click your mouse, once highlighted, and from the drop down menu, select 'copy'.

Go back to the blog post that you wish to make a comment on, and start the normal process to do that, writing the text as normal. When you reach the point that you want to create the link, think of a word or phrase to describe it, such as, for example here, "TITLE" then type the following within the comment text:

<a href="the address of the web page to link to">TITLE</a>

Put a space in exactly as above - after <a and before href= and don't forget to include " " around the web address section, that you will have right clicked on your mouse and selected 'paste' from the drop down menu to insert. Remember 'TITLE' will be the actual link wording that appears in your comment without any of the surrounding code or web address.

Continue to write text to the end of your comment, and then publish in the normal way. Once published, all that will be seen by the reader will be the 'TITLE' section of the line of code, and once clicked on, will take the reader directly to the web address you inserted.

Be aware though, that many website owners moderate their comments, and might not wish to have your link in their comments list - so use this function wisely, and don't be offended if they choose not to publish it. If the link is relevant to illustrate a point, then there should be no problem.

Give it a try - it should work, it does for me. Now, when I receive advertising comments containing links, instead of immediately deleting them as spam, I now click their link to visit their site, and if that has the facility to make comments, and is a suitable site, I will now make one on there with my own link back to my own site, before publishing theirs.


  1. If you are familiar with anchor text which is the basic html coding for sure this one is very easy. You can also add a title inside the anchor text like keyword which would simply optimize your anchor text. This code is even used as a normal code by web developers. Just a piece of advice though, some blog owners don't allow comment posting.

  2. Thanks Catherine. My advice is aimed at amateur web developers who design and run their own sites and don't necessarily know or understand html coding. Your comment beautifully illustrates the concept described above where those wishing to promote their own business place a keyword link, in this case 'web developers', to their own website, within a comment.

  3. Hi Peter and Margaret,

    The 'TITLE' you are referring to is called "anchor text". Catherine was right, you can add an actual "TITLE" inside the "anchor text".

    For example: Peter and Margaret.

    I'll write this on three parts:

    First: <'a'(space)'href'="URL"(space) +

    Second:Title="description of the link/website" +

    Third: >anchor text<'/a'>

    The anchor text is supposed to “name” the link, while the title text provides information about where the link will send the user.

    I hope this helps.

  4. This information was great and such a big help for people that plan on posting on my blog. I had learned many things, but today was the 1st time I ever had, that I didn't have the answer for...although it won't be the last...Thx Again!

    Need A JumpStart?

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