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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Day Of Good Intentions.....

....But the best laid plans often fail. We planned an early start today in order to get off from our mooring at Autherley Junction and through the nearby narrows before everyone else had breakfast. The narrows are a shallow cutting through rock just to the east of the junction. The first part of the plan worked fine and we were off around 7.30am on our way to Gailey for lunch and a look around the shop that is built into the round house that was once the accommodation for the lock keeper. Once refreshed we would fill the water tanks at the two stand pipes that are just before the lock, before continuing our journey. This is where our plan failed.

Just before we were about to pull the ropes, a pair of hotel boats arrived at the water point, which of course they are as entitled to do as any other canal user. The problem was, they were running as a pair, motor and butty, and would have two very large tanks to fill. What we didn't expect was they appeared to be carrying only one hose, and this was connected to the butty first, leaving the motor blocking access to the next tap, in front, which wasn't being used. Once the butty was filled, the hose was disconnected and moved up to the motor, the crew apparently having a complete disregard for the plight of all the other boats now in the queue to fill their own water. Any attempted conversation with the hotel boat crew was met with a curt YES or NO reply. Thanks guys for the way you fulfilled your task. Perhaps in future you might consider using two hoses simultaneously, or even breasting up while at the water point, leaving the other free for others to use. From the attitude we experienced of the crew today I suspect they won't and will probably continue operating in their own merry way without considering others around them.

That episode cost us several hours without leaving Gailey, which has become our mooring for tonight, with another early start tomorrow.

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