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Friday, 2 August 2013

A Day Out In Skipton

Those boaters who are lucky enough to have cruised the Leeds and Liverpool Canal will know Skipton well. However, we visited by car today as we are in the area for a couple of days to attend a wedding reception near Whalley this evening. As usual, the town was full of tourists, but I must say that there had been much effort put in around the junction with the town arm, where an artificial beach had been laid, complete with deck chairs, ice cream vendors, Punch and Judy and other side shows including live music. This was on just any ordinary Friday weekday, and gave the area a carnival atmosphere. Before leaving we indulged, as usual, in one of the famous hot pork pies from the shop at the head of the canal town arm.


  1. Is Margaret horsing around or making an ass of herself in that photo?

    1. Mule be keen to know what she was saying to Don. Key to the story is that Eyore to be boating.


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