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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Check Out These P+O World Cruise Prices for 2014!

I am cruise-aiding :-) again, although I am fully aware it won't get me anywhere, but at least I can make others from the UK aware of the price differential between us and other countries for exactly the same product.

Our Australian cruising friends have been kind enough to email me 2014 world cruise sector prices that are available to them on both Arcadia and Aurora. One list of prices is direct from P+O, viewed in Australia, (Our P+O not P+O Australia, which is a different company). The other is from an Australian travel agent - Bestcruises. (you can at least check prices for yourself using this link. The P+O Cruises website will not open in the Australian version from the UK, and all you will get on there is our inflated UK price list.

I will list all the comparisons I have just done using our P+O Cruises UK Website, using their absolute cheapest prices. Prices are cruise only, as are the Australian ones. Should you wish to add flights, then they are extra, at around £1000pp. The prices from the Australian websites are for exactly the same cruise, also basic price with no flights, and are identical products. All currency conversions and prices are correct as of 6th August 2013.

From our friend's Australian travel agent:-

First, the basic Southampton-Brisbane cruise. 44 nights on Aurora. Buy in Australia for $4225, (£2465) - UK P+O price = £3829. That is +£1364pp for us!
Brisbane-Singapore cruise. 28 nights on Aurora. Buy in Australia for $2800, (£1634) - UK P+O price = £2719. That is +£1085pp for us UK customers! I have already written about this here UK passengers still paying the price to cruise, which prompted me to check out the price differentials further.

Continuing with direct P+O comparisons, using their own Australian version website, against our UK one. Identical in every way except for the price box.

Arcadia Los Angeles-Auckland, 2 Feb, 18 nights, $1199, (£700) UK P+O price=£1499.
Arcadia Los Angeles-Sydney, 2 Feb, 23 nights, $1499, (£875) UK P+O price=£1849
Arcadia Los Angeles-Melbourne, 2 Feb, 25 nights, $1629, (£950) UK P+O price=£2369
Arcadia Los Angeles-Adelaide, 2 Feb, 27 nights, $1759, (£1026) UK P+O price=£2529.

Aurora San Francisco-Auckland, 26 Jan, 15 nights, $1279, (£746) UK P+O price=£1149.
Aurora San Francisco-Sydney, 26 Jan, 20 nights, $1699, (£991) UK P+O price=£1549.
Aurora San Francisco-Brisbane, 26 Jan, 22 nights, $1869, (£1090) UK P+O price=£1699.

UK P+O Cruises prices for Arcadia world cruise 2014 sectors can be found here.
UK P+O Cruises prices for Aurora world cruise 2014 sectors can be found here.
In both cases if you are a UK viewer of course.

The UK website offers both 'Vantage' fares, and in some cases the cheaper 'Getaway' fares. In all cases above I have quoted the very cheapest price available, and compared it to the cheapest price available on the Australian equivalent P+O website, which doesn't offer this marketing strategy. These prices continue across the board, and on average we are being asked to pay 30% more for the same cruise than our Australian friends.

P+O are were certainly quite good at taking us for a cruise, in our experience, but at these prices, which I first discovered were happening when we were on board our 2012 world cruise, mingling with 1000 Australians, the company also appear to be taking their UK customers for a ride!

This situation has nothing whatsoever to do with any $ against £ conversions, be they currently up or down against each other, it is simply a 'them and us' price comparison.

Do you still fancy booking that cruise getaway? I certainly don't.


  1. Jan friend of Herbie7 August 2013 at 22:15

    very interesting... we now prefer Princess Cruises.. I wonder if they are the same.

  2. Jan friend of Herbie7 August 2013 at 22:17

    We have cruised for over 20 years with P & O but have recently preferred Princess cruises. I wonder if the same thing happens with them.

    1. I have used the Australian agent's link above to get some prices for their 2014 Princess world cruise segments to compare with those on the Princess Cruises UK website and after a quick glance, the Australian prices also appear to be significantly cheaper than ours. 49 nights, London to Sydney on Dawn Princess booked in Australia would cost $8735, (£5160 as of 9/08/2013). London, (Southampton) to Sydney on Dawn Princess, booked off Princess Cruises UK website would cost £6092, although this is not a direct comparison, it is comparing an agent with the corporate website's prices. Try for yourself.

  3. Since researching this I have found out that from April 2014 the P+O Cruises port shuttle buses that are currently complementary to all will be charged for when booking Getaway fares in the UK. The additional charge for a full world cruise booked in this way will be £750, (source Bolsover Cruises brochure). As the Getaway marketing strategy is not used in Australia, with only one price advertised, which also happens to be much cheaper than any price advertised for the UK market, I wonder if this will mean we might find ourselves sat on paid for shuttle buses next to Australian passengers who are still on there for free as well as having secured their own cruise cheaper than anything we can buy here in the UK?

  4. Price update. In the UK are currently offering inside cabins on Aurora, 14the Feb 2014, 33 nights Sydney - Singapore for £3549, Brisbane - Singapore 16th Feb 2014, 31 nights for £3799, Auckland - Singapore 9th Feb 2014, 36 nights at £4199 and San Francisco - Singapore 25th Jan 2014, 52 nights for £5099. These are good value UK offerings, as they are all in prices that include flights as necessary, and in some cases, hotel stays. However, the Australian cruise buyers are still looking to acquire P & O (Europe) world cruise only sectors for $100 Aud pp pd or less, where we in the UK look at under £100 pp pd as being a good deal.

  5. In the interest of fairness, I must now add that we have just booked a Getaway deal on Adonia's world cruise next week at what we believe is an excellent price. 21 nights aboard from Southampton to Dubai, an overnight spent aboard once in Dubai, followed by a transfer to a Dubai 4* hotel for a further 2 nights, and then a flight back to Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic. All transfers included. This was booked on yesterday at £1459 pp all in. Excellent value, just a pity we had to wait until a week's notice before departure until we could get it.


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