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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Market Day In Market Drayton

Today we left our countryside mooring to tackle the remaining two locks of the Audlem flight early, and on to Adderley for the five locks there. Then on through some lovely country in bright sunshine towards Market Drayton where Wednesday is market day.

We moored on the town visitor moorings for the short walk in where some essential provisions were bought while looking around.

A democratic decision was made to leave the town moorings before our overnight stay, so off we went after lunch, collecting fresh water on the way out of town.
After a very short journey, as the next set of five locks at Tyrley are only a mile out, Tom led, and chose a lovely open country mooring for the night. Unfortunately just as we arrived the day's expected rain had just started to blow in. We had pulled safely into the towpath to use pins to moor, as there are no rings, combined with a concrete bank, and while waiting for Tom to get himself sorted out, we suddenly found ourselves firmly against the opposite bank and well aground as a result of the very sudden high winds. Tom continued to struggle to secure Waiouru before assisting us to re-float and battle against the now strong wind to secure the boat against the towpath. All good fun, but when 20 tonnes of narrow boat decides to become a sail boat, it becomes the gaffer!
All ended well, and after some hectic shouting of instructions about the use of the barge pole, we are now safely moored for the night.

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