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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Set In Stone.....

....And now ahead of our schedule. The reason for this is that having been held up a while at Aston Lock we arrived in Stone around lunchtime, and mooring availability for our overnight stay was zero, so we had to continue up the locks until we found something. We finally found two vacant moorings just before Stone top lock. They are slightly curved, but quite acceptable, and we are set for our onward journey tomorrow. Shopping at Morrisons nearby has just taken place, with a look around town thrown in. We have never been here before, and it appears to be a pleasant little place.

Leaving Great Haywood Junction to join the Trent and Mersey Canal.

A genuine Romany traveller's van in the field.

A very substantial arched road bridge.

Passing Aston Marina, just before the lock that delayed us today.

And just for Carol and Jeff in Anglesey, look who we met as we passed through Stone. Margaret and Rob send their best wishes! A small world.

Almost there, passing the Joules Wharf brewery.

And this is the entrance to our last lock of the day, we are moored just at the top. Note the horse tunnel left over from the days of horse boats, to the left of the boat entrance.


  1. Ooh... You've been past our Winter home! Our mooring is on the left as you look in through the entrance (your pic is the exit). Stone is a nice little town isn't it. We are going back for this winter.

    1. Hi Elly, yes we also liked the area very much. Neither of us has been before.


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