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Friday, 23 August 2013

Through Stoke To Etruria

After yesterday's delays we again decided to get an early start at 7.30am, although three others had done the same before us and for the same reason. I have now discovered the reason for yesterday's delay at Aston, which then caused ongoing problems. Apparently a boat handling instructor spent 45 minutes in the lock with his client. Hmmmmm!

Today we chose to motor straight through Stoke on Trent. I don't particularly enjoy urban landscapes, although there is much interest around the canal corridor. We encountered some very deep locks, some with narrow entrance tunnels, others with very low railway bridges at the entrance forcing me to duck right into the cockpit in order to pass under.

We decided to stay the night at Etruria, where Josiah Wedgewood built his factory and residence adjacent to the canal. He was closely involved with the routing and initial planning in the late 1700's, as he saw it to be an ideal mode of transport for his fragile pottery wares, much more efficient than pack horses, which were the only other alternative at that time. In fact we are actually now on the Caldon Canal, having reversed 200 metres or so into it's entrance and the ringed 48 hour moorings beyond. Directly adjacent to us is the Etruria Industrial Museum, which, unfortunately is currently closed.

On the other side of the canal is a fine statue of James Brindley, engineer in charge of the building of the canal.

And next is tonight's mooring. A little curved, but again perfectly acceptable.

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