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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Leaky Roof Vents

This weekend has seen the first persistent heavy rain of the Autumn, and after a long warm and sunny Summer, the first associated problems have arrived with it. During the dark evening last night we noticed a drip drip from the saloon ceiling vent.

My caravanning experience told me that the sunny weather had probably dried and shrunk the sealant that seals it into the steelwork, and that preventative maintenance should probably now be carried out on all the roof vents. Luckily, Saturday brought an interlude of fine weather before more heavy rain forecast for Sunday.

On dismantling the leaky vent I could see that the sealing ring was plastic and in good condition, so it is likely that the vent holding screws were simply not tight enough, allowing water to seep between the seal and the steel roof. However, while it was in bits I cleaned all the individual parts, sanding and priming the small patch of rust that had formed around the fixing holes. I will rebuild it using a non-setting rubberised mastic in addition to the ring seal, ( not silicone sealant, as this tends to lift and separate itself from the components over time ).

Hopefully that will resolve the matter, and it is a good thing we noticed the problem while we are here, instead of it leaking all through the Winter lay-up, as did the chimney fitting last year, eventually causing the Squirrel stove beneath it to be written off.


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