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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Maintaining The Homestead

Is this what is called an Indian Summer? After a pretty wet week, we have seen warm sunshine today, with more of the same promised for the next couple of days, and at the end of September too.

We took advantage of the weather to get some maintenance tasks done around the mooring before the winter sets in proper. Another advantage of having an on-line country farm mooring over a marina, is that we also have our own piece of land which requires looking after. Today Margaret decided she would treat our new fence, which we had installed last year, with our own farm brew of old engine oil and diesel.

That should preserve it for another year.

While she was busy doing this I decided to sand down, prime, and touch up the small patches of rust that had started to form around the external fixings, such as the brass 'gas locker' warning plate fastened to the hatch on the bow. I also tackled the removal of the Morse Ultraflex engine control box in the cockpit. I had previously tried, so I could check the condition of the cables, but had found the four mounting screws seized. Our trip to Nantwich Market this morning secured the necessary impact driver at just £6, and they were off in a jiffy. All was well, so I lubricated the screws and re-fitted it. At least I now know that if a cable breaks while we are in the middle of nowhere, I should be able to dismantle everything without a problem in order to fix things.

A very productive day before we leave for Spain next weekend.

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