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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nantwich Food Festival

We are back at the boat again as usual for our long weekend away in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Today, on our usual walk around Nantwich, we discovered that this weekend was the one set aside for the annual food festival, and the town was bustling, with warm sunshine again, so unlike yesterday's heavy rain.

There were food and drink stalls everywhere, with samples to try, food being prepared at the stalls of the many restaurants from the area, with everything from oriental, Thai, Indian, you name it, to specialities such as this, anyone fancy a crocodile burger? 

There was also a food preparation demo, with the chef from the nearby 'Residence' restaurant showing how he produces signature dishes from their menu.

And the ancient sandstone church, so many times featured at the end of BBC Bargain Hunt, when they are using the auction house of Peter Wilson and Co., opened it's doors for internal inspection.

What a great day, just one of many events that feature in this town at weekends.

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