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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Benefits Of A Country Farm Mooring

Kelly Louise is not moored in a marina, she is on a country farm mooring somewhere in Cheshire. We deliberately chose it this way, and it was a big influence when we bought her. Not only is the annual cost far cheaper than the average marina, but we have our own space which doesn't remind us of a car park. We also have all the benefits of a fresh water supply and shore power, with a marina pump out and workshop facilities not half a mile away.
One hidden benefit of our country mooring is however not so obvious in the first instance. Today we have collected several kilos of ripe damsons that are now being made into jam.

Several kilos of beet root which will be boiled, pickling some, while keeping some fresh.

And several kilos of baking apples which are being puréed to provide fillings for pies and puddings for the next year.

Other produce we are regularly given is rhubarb, carrots and beans. Bonuses that won't be found included with the average marina berth! See my comment for a good jam recipe.

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  1. A jam recipe from Margaret's 1958 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food publication, which will work equally well with plums or blackcurrants.

    4&3/4lb (2.25kg) damsons 6lb (2.7kg) sugar 1&1/4 to 2pts (700 to 1100ml) water. Yield is 10lb (4.5kg) of jam

    Remove the stems, wash the fruit if necessary, and put into a preserving pan with the water. Simmer gently until the fruit is quite tender, and the contents of the pan are reduced considerably. (This will release the stones which should float to the surface and are then easy to remove). As the pulp becomes thick, stir frequently to prevent burning. Add the sugar, stir until it has all dissolved, bring to boiling point and boil hard until setting point is reached. (To test for setting point, remove a sample of liquid to a cold saucer. Allow to cool a little, then run a finger tip across the surface. If the mixture starts to ripple and pull, setting point is reached).


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