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Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Birthday Party Outdoors

Today, being Sunday, was a leisurely day. We awoke in our new surroundings, wondering were we where, (see yesterday's post), and got up to have breakfast before moving into the hotel reception lounge to use the free wi-fi there.

We were invited to a party a few kilometres away, for 1.00pm, so Margaret spent the time preceding reading, (a real book), while I messed around with my iPhone.
We jumped in the car at around 12.45pm and drove out into the country, arriving at our destination around 1.15pm.

The drinks flowed freely, (Coca Cola for me), and a very merry time was had by all. As the light began to fail we said our farewell to arrive back at Retamar before dark, although I suspect the party is still ongoing as I write.

Another great day, and thanks to all concerned for making us feel so welcome.

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