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Friday, 4 October 2013

A Day Out In Nijar

The trip today was to another one of those quaint Spanish mountain villages. This time it was Nijar. Not much to write home about our visit other than it was a short drive out of our home village of Retamar to join the motorway heading towards Murcia, and after around half an hour, turn off and head off into the mountains.

Again we parked roadside just after we entered the village, but before the roads narrowed into single track, steep incline passages, and then spent around an hour looking around all the nooks and crannies. It amazes me how some of the fixtures in these villages are so old and still in daily use.

Today, in the market square, was a drinking fountain dated 1859. The other day, in Mojacar, were cast iron street lights, provided by public subscription, the date cast into the base of each lamp, 1832, now converted to electricity.
The only other notable event today was that I was followed around the village by a rather smart lady, who, insisted on getting in all my pictures.

We have a busy weekend planned, with the weekend market in Cabo tomorrow morning, followed by drinks and tapas at one of the local bars there, and then on Sunday we have been lucky enough to have been invited to a birthday celebration party down the road 9 kms from here.

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  1. Peter,
    I have a feeling that 'smart lady' has taken such a shine to you she will probably follow you home! :-)


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