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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Drive Into The City

The plan for today was a drive into the City of Almeria, again using the scenic coast road rather than the motorway.
This brought us into the city at the start of the long promenade, where we parked and then walked roughly 2km to the port area, then turned right into the central shopping area. At the start of the walk there is an old fishing Dhow statically displayed, linking to the town's Moorish history. At the end is an old port shunting engine, now no longer in use. Follow this road past the port and you will arrive at the old Moorish Fort itself, perhaps an outing for another day.

The main shopping street reminds me very much of Barcelona's Las Ramblas, with trees and bars in a central reservation.

Architecture is a mix of new....

and old.....

With some interesting shops.....

The weather today has been slightly cooler at 27 degrees, with a thick early morning mist that had been burnt off by the sun by 10am. Still clear skies and sunshine though.
We are now in a routine of breakfast, a drive out, back for a self prepared lunch on our balcony, followed by a walk to the local bars and shops after siesta.
Tomorrow we have the luxury of being driven, as our friends have now arrived in the area for their winter here, and, if all goes to plan, will collect us sometime mid-morning.

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