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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Drive To Mojacar

Today's plan was a drive to Mojacar, on the south east coast of Andalucia, with it's beach resort and a quaint white rendered village centre just up in the mountains.

The round trip was 150km, with mountain coast road one way and motorway the other, also taking us through the town of Carboneras.
This area is so quiet now the tourist season ended on the last day of September, and we have again had the roads to ourselves. However, the beaches around Mojacar were still quite busy. The weather today has been hot hot hot, with no wind at all and cloudless skies.

Mojacar village itself is a lovely walk around with its ancient church centrally placed amongst the white rendered houses and small local shops randomly placed up and down the mountainside, with marbled plazas where locals enjoy a drink and a chat around the scattered tables of the surrounding bars.

We chose to park the car at the entrance to the village, as the streets are narrow and the inclines are steep.

A great day out. Time for our red wine and nibbles now, on our balcony, prior to dinner :-)

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