Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

We feel like we have fallen off the Co-op and landed in the Divi.

We encountered a problem with our room air conditioning last night, and as a result, didn't get much sleep.
I reported it to the reception desk as we left for our day out today, enjoyed the day, and returned at about 3.45pm, where the receptionist collared me to inform us that the motor had burnt out in our air conditioner, and couldn't be fixed immediately. Bugger! I thought, more sleepless nights to follow.
How wrong I was. In her next breath she said "so we have moved you to one of our suites". She handed us the key to our accommodation for the next week, and what a difference. Two of everything! Two sinks, shower and a bath, two fridges, two very large flat screen tv's, a bedroom, complete with a bigger than King size bed, a study, a lounge, and the biggest wrap around balcony with not only table and chairs, but our own sun loungers as well! The following are pictures of our old room....

Next, our new room (rooms) for our remaining week...

And best of all....... I can now make important 'phone calls while engaged in the Throne Room!

This hotel and it's staff are the tops!

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