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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Roquetas De Mar

Today's outing involved joining the A7 motorway again, but this time heading towards Malaga. After an hour driving we arrived at Roquetas De Mar, the next largest town in the area after the City of Almeria. The drive was very easy, well signed with quiet roads, even the motorway. We must be doing something very wrong in the UK with all our congestion. One thing I have noticed is the city roads all have lay-by parking, so not to interrupt traffic flow, but then, on the pavement side of the stationary vehicles, there is usually a cycle lane to keep them totally away from traffic. The speed limit in residential areas is also usually 30 kph, slower than ours, but still mainly ignored by the locals.

Images today show the plaza de marine, (promenade), as we walked towards the marina for private boats, where we found a couple of Poole, Dorset, registered cruisers, namely Sealine F43's. I wonder if they arrived by sea or low loader? I think I would prefer low loader, than the sea passage here in a (relatively) small but capable cruiser.

"I wonder if this hose will reach our narrowboat"? Token operated, some things in the marine world are the same the world over, and are the basis of similar discussion.

On another matter, as we leave this hotel on Sunday, it will close to the public, and film director Sir Ridley Scott will move in and take it over with the cast and crew of his latest blockbuster movie 'Exodus' which stars Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver. They will be filming in the area for three months from October 21st. This is how the local paper reported it....

The countdown has started for the arrival of Exodus in Almeria.

Director Sir Ridley Scott will begin filming the blockbuster in Almeria on October 21st. The date has been chosen to follow on from several days of filming in London.

Shooting will start in Tabernas and will continue for about three months in different locations in the province, although most of the filming will focus on sets that are completed in the Sierra Alhamilla.

The extras chosen are happy at having the opportunity to participate in a film that will make history as well as give a financial boost to the province. The movie is also notable for the actors chosen by Sir Ridley. These include superstars Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver. Also in the cast is young Spanish actress Maria Valverde who is to play the role of  the wife of Moses played by Bale.

Hotel rooms in Almeria City are already filling up fast with the recent arrival of the twice Oscar nominated artistic director Arthur Max. The New Yorker is a key member of the team and has worked on many films previously with Sir Ridley including Black Hawk Down and Gladiator.

I wonder if Sigourney will be using our suite? Mmmmmmm.

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