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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Trip That Never Was!

Today's planned day out was a visit to Alcazaba Castle, which is located in central Almeria. We knew it would involve driving through the centre of the city to get there whichever way we chose to access it.
Before setting off I planned our route on good old Google maps, to bring us in from the motorway in the north, thus missing out much of the city centre. We exited the motorway at our designated junction and headed in the direction of the castle according to the map we had studied. However, all that happened was we found ourselves driving around a web of narrow one way streets with no signage to indicate we were near our target. After following a 'site of historic interest' sign, (in Spanish of course), I decided to park up and have a walk in an attempt to achieve our goal. As I reversed into a parking space, Margaret said to me, "just look around you". Having taken my concentration off arriving safely at whatever our destination would be, I looked around and saw barred windows, both at ground and upper floor level, graffiti, and vehicles placed on bricks with missing wheels. We looked at each other and simultaneously said "perhaps not"!
We pulled out of the parking space and drove on, very shortly finding ourselves back where we started, back at the motorway. A mutual decision was made to abort our trip and head back, rather than go through all that again.

Once safely back on the motorway we decided to stop off and have a walk around Costacabana, an upmarket residential area on the coast not far from El Toyo, and our route back. Villas here are on the market between 700,000 and 1 million euros. The above images are of that stop on the coast.

That was our first abandoned trip of our two weeks here, so not bad I suppose. Alcazaba Castle will have to wait for another visit, but I am informed it is worth the effort, being the 2nd largest Muslim fortified building in the country, second only to the Alhambra Palace at Granada, (which also happens to be near enough for a day out from here).

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary, and has been one of the few times I have remembered it!
To mark the occasion I arranged a surprise night out at one of the best restaurants in this area, together with six friends. A fabulous evening was had by all of us, and Margaret's face when she walked in and saw everybody waiting for us to arrive:-)
Unfortunately, the only image I have of the occasion is the sun setting over the bay as we walked there.

Tomorrow, being Saturday once again, will be lunchtime drinks and Tapas at the country bar we visited last weekend with around a dozen friends.

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  1. Wow,i never think so that this place is really good in see,i also like the last picture in which sun is set..Amazing place or i will also try to go here or spend the vacation with my family too..!!


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