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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another Spanish Property Scandal Report.

Today, once again the Daily Mail has run a full centre section spread on what they call their 'Spanish Property Scandal Special'.

Again the article makes interesting reading for those of us who have recently been considering a move to the sun. It tells of property from lists of finished as well as unfinished developments, that are supposedly safe from the prospect of demolition, sold cheaply to unsuspecting, often British retirees, and often backed by official government literature, for the subsequent buyers to find that same government are later insisting that their house has been built unlawfully, and will have to be demolished. One couple have watched their house demolished as unlawful, and are now living in their garage because that was deemed to be lawful. People on one side of a street have been unaffected, while the unlucky ones who bought on the other side have had their property demolished. You couldn't make it up! The article also describes how Spanish Government officials attended UK Spanish property exhibitions along with so called specialist estate agents in order to promote these properties to the Brits, who having bought, now find they are left with nothing.

This might seem to be a recurring theme here now, but anyone who is still considering buying Spanish property would do well to read this article in full, as well as the ones that are linked to it within the text.

Daily Mail 'This Is Money' Spanish Property Special.

British Pensioners Lured Into Buying Condemned Spanish Homes

Then, as usual, my advice is always to 'make your own mind up', using all the resources you can - then there is nobody else to blame!

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