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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Now Spain Clamps Down On Private Holiday Lets.

During the Autumn we researched all possibilities of spending extended time in warmer climes to escape our seemingly continuous atrocious weather. We researched property ownership, as well as rental, motor home or caravan camping, and even just hotel stays, all in Southern Spain, as it offers the right climate and the convenience of cheap travel to and from the UK.

A beautiful private apartment rental right on the beach at Cabo de Gata
What we discovered was an ever increasing minefield of bureaucracy, often with rules and regulations implemented by central government, only to be largely ignored at local level, often with disastrous results for the unwary. Our conclusion was that all this was probably due to a failed economy trying to glean additional revenue wherever possible, with methods that are often poorly thought through and in the end detrimental to all.
I explored many of the various aspects in previous recent posts here, but briefly mentioned a new issue HERE back in November that could affect us, even though our final decision was simply to rent a private apartment as tourists next Autumn.
This is an article from the Daily Mail today, Saturday, 14th. December 2013, that highlights the coming problem for Britons who own holiday villas and apartments and want to continue to rent them out for part of the year to cover their costs.

Britons with holiday homes in France and Spain to be banned from renting them.

A move to the warmer climes of perhaps Bournemouth is starting to look much more appealing! 


  1. Peter,
    It's simple - the Spanish don't want you Brits!

    1. Tom, most probably true. I have said for years that France in particular follows its own protectionist agenda, and now it seems that Spain and Germany are following suit. We are all supposed to be members of a European Community, so why do we continue to allow ourselves to be seriously compromised. Possibly the time is coming to leave them to it? Unfortunately all concerned in the UK will have their own opinion, from businesses to private individuals, overseen by national governments who are / have been too weak to actually discuss and pursue a course of action that is best for our country, due to them only being interested in policies that will result in being voted back into power again next time.

  2. Yes I feel a bit happier buying a place in Oz rather than Spain, we will still go to Spain but in the motorhome with no chance of getting ripped off!

    1. For me - I am sure you have made the correct decision to buy property in Oz rather than Spain. In fact, if you think back to January 2012 in the early days of your own blog, I did make a comment that if it was possible, we would like to spend 6 months in each country, spending time near to relatives in Brisbane in rented accommodation during our UK Winter, returning to the UK at the end of our 6 months visa allowance for the Summer. Unfortunately we don't have the funds to allow that year on year, but I did also comment that I questioned the logic of your own move from Oz back to the UK at the time. Only my own opinion of course.

    2. The place in Oz is a safety net against the rising prices over there, but we hope to stay Europe based for a few more years yet, the declining Aussie dollar may put paid to that however. We both love the UK and catching up with families, its just the winter drags on too long.

    3. A much safer location for a safety net! Looks like our plans for next Autumn might yet end up back at the drawing board even though the apartment is booked, with flights and hire car now also booked and paid for. The owners of our apartment might end up becoming 'very close family' for the purposes of our visit, if the Spanish legislation goes through in April as planned.

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