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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Successions in Spain - Inheritance Law.

This is my final post on the results of my own research into possibly spending extended periods of time in Spain to escape the dire Winter weather of the UK. I have already shared the possibilities of succumbing to unfavourable taxation, with laws changing on an almost daily basis to assist the Spanish authorities in their quest to find additional revenue to claw their way out of the financial mire. I have also re-reported more substantial news reports of UK retirees who have come dramatically unstuck, often through no fault of their own, when buying and owning Spanish property.
Now I will turn to the life event that no-one likes to talk about. What would happen in the event of the death of one of the parties who had chosen to live in Spain after retirement.

The subject is extremely complex to say the least, but should be explored in depth with the assistance of a trusted financial advisor who is well versed in Spanish law, before deciding on a permanent or semi-permanent move to Spain, or any other country for that matter.

Rather than discuss the complexities here, I will provide a link to an official website funded by the European Commission Programme. This page will direct you to the basics of what you need to be aware of prior to seeking advice. It will allow you to ask competent questions. Much of the problem relates to differences between Spanish and UK inheritance laws relating to property. There are ways of providing a satisfactory solution, but it will have to be tailored to ones own circumstances. Whatever happens, the subject should not just be ignored, with the draw of the sun and sangria blinkering your judgement.

Successions In Europe - Succession Law In 27 Different European Countries.

As for us, I think we have now decided to stay with narrowboat ownership and continue to explore the UK during Summer, with foreign travel taken in short bursts during the Winter, with a month's stay in a rented Spanish apartment already planned for October 2014.

As with all my posts, this is just my own opinion, and posted for information only, after I had made my own decisions based on my own research.

My apologies for the image I used to enhance this post. It is from my collection of family history images. Anyone who researches their own family history will know that within a very short time you build up albums of gravestone images!

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