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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Another Day In Dubai

Today is our last day in Dubai and we fly to London tomorrow morning. Our friends left this morning, so we have been on our own for the first time in a month.

Dubai Museum is just across the road from our hotel, so that was the first call of the day at around 8.45am. Built into Al Fahida Fort, the oldest building in Dubai, it provided an interesting hour's insight into this city's long history and rapid modern development.

Then it was a short walk to the creek where we caught the Abra (20p), across to Deirra, the location of the historic gold and spice souks.

After another short walk to Al Ras we picked up the new Metro train to Dubai Mall for lunch.

The Metro only came into service in the last couple of years, and is still under construction, as is everything else in Dubai. It provides an efficient over and underground service across the city, and is completely automated, without drivers! We purchased our day travel card for 2 UAE Dirham, followed by a further 14 UAED to complete our travel anywhere in the day travel card. That is very good value at under £3 each in total, even though the system is already overcrowded and running at over capacity.

After lunch we caught the spectacular periodic fountain display to music before returning to our hotel tired by the walking and heat.

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