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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Back Home And Reminiscing On A Wonderful Trip.

We are now back home to this wonderful British weather, which to be fair has been fairly decent by our standards today. On our last day in Dubai, we sat in the warm sunshine (30 degrees) beside the fountains at Dubai Mall and watched this spectacular show, set to exactly the same music as is on the following video, (which doesn't do the live experience justice, but spectacular just the same).


  1. Very similar to the fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, although the music goes better with the fountains there? Glad you had a great cruise.

    1. Yes - Margaret's sister commented that she had seen something similar in Las Vegas. We have never seen anything like it before, even though we have visited UAE several times now. This cruise was booked at the very last minute with no planning whatsoever, but we both think it is our best one yet. We were very jealous of the ones we left on board who were heading out through Asia, Malaysia, China and Japan, returning via India. The sector we did was the first of the Asian Grand Adventure, and required no visas as such, which is how we were able to book and go within 5 days. Adonia returns to Southampton towards the end of April.


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