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Friday, 7 February 2014

The British Tourist Abroad

We have now been back from our P&O Cruises holiday on board Adonia for nearly a week. I had considered, as I have done in the past, reviewing our experience, but have decided not to this time, as it is sufficient to say in just one line......

We had a fabulous holiday this time, extreme value for money, with none of the perceived quality issues we saw during a couple of the sectors of our 2012 full world cruise, which we believe were also a result of the company having to sell parts of the cruise too cheaply, simply to keep the ship full, in these hard financial times we currently live in. This cruise was just fantastic.

However, I have started to notice the behaviour of some of the middle aged to elderly world tourists from the UK, who are the target market of the company on this type of cruise, leaves something to be desired in some cases, sometimes leaving us ashamed to be associated with them by our nationality.

The Parade Of Chefs During Our Last Night On Board

Our Tour Guide For The Day At Salalah, Oman
We sat at dining tables at various venues around the ship, (not our table companions in the main dining room I must add), and witnessed some pretty appalling behaviour towards some of the (usually Indian) waiters, often with a noticeable lack of manners. It costs nothing to say "please" and "thank you", even to someone who is serving you. Then there was the elderly gent, a guest from another cruise line who were also using our Dubai hotel. We were up very early for a transfer to the airport at the end of our stay, and a special early continental breakfast had been arranged just for us, to be taken in the lobby. This stuffy old fart's response to the fresh tea, coffee, fruit juice, croissants and pastries on offer, was to demand breakfast cereal. When the waiter, who obviously had little understanding of English queried his request he just shouted back rudely "No cereal? I have a plane to catch for a long flight". When the waiter still didn't understand, reiterating his offer of the continental breakfast, this bloke shouted "Oh never mind you useless ****" and stormed off. He reminded me of a Basil Fawlty character. It was all I could do to stop myself from lamping him!

We have watched as some have complained about the hot weather to our Arab tour guides - as though they could do anything about it! And heard them complain, in their 'cut glass accents', when in a beautiful hotel restaurant in Wadi Musa, Jordan, that "you would think they would be able to speak English wouldn't you". The same stuffy old couple also complained that they had been seated too far away from the buffet, as well as other mundane issues.

It seems these people are only interested in taking their own little bubble of British life wherever they travel to, and expect everyone else they meet around the world to fit into it. I wish they would stick to Bognor Regis, (no offence intended Bognor Regis). To a certain extent, I believe our politicians suffer the same problem. Many of them have no experience of British life outside their home counties location complete with village green, and have no concept of everyday life in inner city Salford, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham or Bradford for example.

For us, we enjoy experiencing different cultures, and ways of life, even if in certain places around the world, their standards might seem to fall short of the life we are lucky enough to be used to in Britain. Being associated with some of these morons sometimes made us ashamed of where we are from.


  1. hahaha funny post :) glad u enjoyed Oman , I was wondering what tour service you used im looking to visit and would like a tour guide to take me around the citand salalah.

    1. Unfortunately I have no idea which company provided our tour guides as they were arranged on our behalf by P&O Cruises. They were excellent though.


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