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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms.

Today's outing was back to central London again with the intention of visiting Churchill's War Rooms, which are located in King Charles Street off Whitehall. This involved a short 25 minute journey on the Tube to Charing Cross, with a short walk down to the location which took us past some of the touristy views of the City. Today's venue is run by the Imperial War Museum, and further information can be found HERE.

The War Rooms themselves are excellent if you have an interest in modern history, as I do. The entry charges are £17.50 per adult, £14 concession and free for children 15 years and younger. However, as always, we looked up the internet offers prior to leaving home. We managed a 2 for 1 deal with our rail tickets, and then had one "concession" with us - Margaret! The total entry charge was £31.50. Although the building fabric has undergone modifications to allow the public entry, and some contents have had to be re-instated using the memory of those who served there in war time, there are several rooms that were simply locked up on VE Day, complete with all contents and remained that way until opened again in the 1970's. One intriguing aspect of this was the ration of sugar lumps on the desk in the map room, which were found still wrapped up in a locked drawer, and re-used for the current display. 

Above is the "old" Scotland Yard, at 4 Whitehall Place. The name came from the street that the rear entrance was located on - Great Scotland Yard, which later became the public entrance, and the name stuck. The old building was used until 1890, with subsequent buildings being called New Scotland Yard. The current building on Broadway, Westminster was first used in 1967.

Here we have the guards to the barracks of the Household Cavalry, and very smart they were too. I don't know how they keep their faces straight with all the attention they get from tourists. The Museum of The Household Cavalry is here, and further information about that can be found HERE.

And on to Downing Street, that famous den of iniquity.

Above is the War Cabinet Room underneath Whitehall. During the war there were armed Marines on every corner, with entry granted only on a needs must basis.

This is Westminster Bridge, with that other famous gathering place in the background.

And just across the way - the London Eye and the South Bank. We had a bite to eat in one of the many fast food outlets along here before catching the Tube back home before the 4pm deadline for off peak travel. The cost of today's trip on the Tube each way was just £2.70. Off peak travel times are after 9.30 am, to 4.00pm and then after 7.00pm on week days.

Once in the London area that is covered by the Underground system, travel is quite reasonable for the visitor, and a car is pretty much useless. The cost of mainline rail travel to London from Wigan, can also be had for as little as £12 pp each way, if booked up to 3 months in advance. This service is provided by Virgin Trains for us, and is excellent. Why the government wanted to change the franchise last year is beyond me. Thankfully, as usual, it was another cock-up, and Virgin are still there doing an excellent job.

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