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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Enjoying London Again.

We are spending the week over Easter with our daughter at her new place in the leafy suburbs, with a short walk to the nearest underground station and about 25 minutes out of the city. She bought this place early in the year, and hers is the penthouse overlooking the river.

Today we had afternoon tea booked again at The Wolseley on Piccadilly, so we took the opportunity to look around all the usual sights again.
First it was off to St. Paul's as Margaret had never seen the interior, but when we found out on arrival they wanted £16 per person to go inside, they can dream on!

We then walked up Fleet Street, and on to The Strand, passing the Royal Courts Of Justice on our way to Leicester Square, and Yates's to enjoy a pint of Bombardier before walking down Piccadilly towards our tea.

We called in Fortnum and Masons to have a look at their £39.95 Easter eggs, the size of which you can pick up at Asda for £1 a piece, and they also come with two cream eggs!
A look around Piccadilly Arcade brought us close to The Wolseley, which is next door to The Ritz, at the correct time for our booking. After the usual indulgent tea there, which, although by no means cheap, is a fabulous treat, we used nearby Green Park underground station to make our way back.

A most enjoyable day, in lovely Spring sunshine.

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