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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Again for reasons that I am presently unable to go into here, I am currently not a big fan of insurance companies in general. In my recent experience they bend over backwards to sell you their products, and then in the unfortunate event that some disastrous occurrence actually happens, whether be it in your control or not, the first thing they will all do is bend over backwards once more using all the underhand tricks of their murky trade that they have been trained in, to actually refuse to pay what is both due, and morally right for you - their customer to expect.

However, I once again find it necessary to seek quotes for insurance cover, as with a motor home also being a motor vehicle (any mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on a road), it is a requirement in law, just as having narrowboat insurance is a requirement of the waterways licensing authority it is to be used on. I would suspect that most of us head blindly into the first insurance contract that happens to be the cheapest on offer, but I would suggest that a little more care be taken in reading as much of the small print within its schedule that you possibly can without the need of employing your own legal eagle at this early stage. (Although the mass market marine insurance policies that most leisure boaters buy are all much of a muchness, and as all marine insurance is - governed by the Marine Insurance Act of 1906).

For those who may be interested, here is the process I have just followed in order to insure our new motor home.

First, I checked all the on-line comparison websites. These produced a list of around 10 insurers willing to take on my business. The cheapest was £348 annually, and the most expensive was just under £1000. Scarily, there were 3 more at the end of the list who were unwilling to quote due to our postcode! None included a UK and European breakdown recovery service, which I have decided I would like to have.

Then I rang a single company, who is a well respected specialist in the field of motor home insurance. This time my enquiry was by 'phone, and their standard cover included a premium UK and European breakdown and recovery service. Their final annual premium, which also utilised a "mirrored" full no claims bonus that I have with my car, came in at £522.38. At the end of the process I was asked if I already had other quotes, so I gave them the cheapest one I had found plus their breakdown recovery. They immediately reduced their quote by £100 to match it.....Grrrrrrrrrr. This final quote included all sorts of introductory offers from here there and everywhere, and I suspect next year's quote would be through the roof.

To finish with, I rang the company who already provides my car insurance as well as our home insurance. They are well known for their no nonsense approach to elderly gits like me. (I bet you know who they are now don't you?) Their cover, which also includes unlimited size and weight in its own 3rd party provided premium breakdown recovery service, included a total final quote of £475.31. I think I will stick with the devil I know, and will arrange cover early next week to allow collection of "Le Randonneur", (French for "the hiker" for those who like to know these things).

You pays your money - and you takes your chance. Should it really be like that though in such a tightly regulated service?

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