Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Extended Horizons.

It was a fair weather forecast for the weekend, with the best day predicted as Saturday, So in we jumped and off we went on Friday morning. Our motorhome is set up and ready to go at a moments notice, unlike our days of touring caravanning when we first had to retrieve it from storage, bring it home, load it get the gist - it was soon placed in the "too hard to do" catagory. The benefit of a motorhome over a touring caravan is that it is classed as a motor vehicle, and in our case, as a Private Light Goods vehicle, unlike a caravan, which sometimes fall foul of all sorts of covenants when storing them on the driveway at home. Also unlike a caravan, as long as it is taxed, insured and MOT'd then it can be parked on the public highway just as long as it isn't causing an obstruction. (All vehicles can be said to be causing an obstruction of the highway should the police choose to do so, particularly after a complaint, but if there are other similar vehicles parked in the area, then a precedent is set and there isn't much anybody can do about it other than force them all to move on).

Anyway, I diversify. This time we chose to stay on a very small farm site located within the rural Lancashire Plain, close to The Trough of Bowland. We have been able to use this site, known as a Certified Location, after we joined The Caravan Club earlier this week. CL's are small, basic sites for up to 5 units, set up by individuals who own sufficient land to offer short stays to touring units, (no storage). They are much cheaper than the average family touring site, and their facilities and costs vary. This particular one has showering and lavatory facilities as well as power and water on each pitch, so is well up there with the best. It costs £15 per night all in, which is £11 per night cheaper than the Royal Umpire where we ventured to last time.

We have now embarked on a keep fit regime after my latest MOT at the Doc's, and we loaded our underused peddlers into the motorhome's large garage before we set off from home. After arriving back on site, after an initial 5 mile round trip, I wish I had opted to put the motor scoot in there though - sore bums and legs all round! I suppose we will get used to it again, after all I used to own a cycle shop, and not only entered and completed the Manchester-Blackpool charity ride 3 years on the trot in the late 1990's, I also sponsored the team I was riding for as well. I have become flabby!

The two bikes are leftovers from my time as a cycle shop owner, but the last time I did the Manchester-Blackpool I acquired a carbon fibre sports jobby for myself to ride - and came 2nd. Afterwards I sold the (very expensive) bike from the shop window. No such luxuries here though.

After settling back on site, it was time to crack out the outdoor refreshments again. this looks like being another fine weekend.

This 5 CL is called Near Moss Farm, and is located between Cockerham and Pilling in Lancashire. Caravan Club membership is required to use the CL. The diversified farm also operates a 60 pitch full facility adults only seasonal site here as well as a few static pitches, off limits to us tourers. For those with an interest it also has its own well stocked course fishing lake.


  1. I suppose that yellow top does look a bit stretched now you mention it, had you not said as much I wouldn´t have looked! Envious of your freedom, bien viaje proxima vez!

    1. At least I can console myself in the fact I have owned the hi-viz vest since the mid 1990's and it kind of still fits! Estamos con ganas de viajar en EspaƱa!


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