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Thursday, 17 July 2014

We Are Off On Our Summer Cruise

Come Sunday we will be off on our Summer cruise, and of course it looks as though the weather is about to turn!
We have not been able to use our motorhome as much as we had wanted to due to Margaret returning to more or less full time teaching since March so we could try and recoup some of the losses from our retirement pot forced upon us by the (alleged) workings of a certain well known inland waterways service provider, not helped by the very unhelpful dealings of a certain well known marine insurance underwriter.

However, Friday sees the end of term, and we are off, first to the Yorkshire Dales - "Calendar Girls" country, if you recall the movie of the same name. The week after will see us in Dorset to retrace the steps we both made during family holidays of our own childhood.

For those with an interest in motorhome payloads and their affects on practical use, the van is now fully loaded, as can be seen from the image. Note it will be me who no longer has to pedal! Everything has been checked on the local weighbridge and I have a certificate that states we are well under on the individual axle weights and 70kgs under our maximum gross vehicle weight, which in our case is 3,500kg's. This is with me in the vehicle, and a diesel tank 3/4 full, with a 40% full water tank and an empty waste tank. When Margaret is aboard we should just about be around our limit. The little Yamaha electric scooter only weighs 56kg's, and is quite easy to load / unload without having to resort to using a motorcycle ramp.

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