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Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Day Out To Mojacar.

Last night's social gathering at the local Chinese restaurant was tremendous, and everybody had a great time, I hope, it was our call! We didn't have time to do San Jose as planned yesterday afternoon after we left Alberto's Tapas bar, so it was put forward as a choice for today's agenda, along with the longer, (45 minute) trip to visit Mojacar. Mojacar was unanimously chosen as holding the most interest for a full day out, so after a very leisurely Sunday breakfast it was off up the N-7 freeway to get there.

Mojacar is a lovely place, set within the very baren volcanic landscape that makes up the geography of this area. You will also find more British visitors there than where we are based in Retamar, which remains very Spanish. It is a town of two halves, with the old white mountain village to the right at the roundabout from the approach road from the motorway, and the modern seaside town the opposite way. First we visited the old mountain village, with all its tourist shops open doing a brisk Sunday trade as well as a Sunday market.

After exploration, and a wait for me as the ladies felt the need to enter each shop to feel the merchandise, we chose the bar with the best located terrace overlooking the vista that sweeps down in front of your eyes from the top of the mountain. Here we enjoyed coffee and tapas again, before driving down to the beach for a look around there. The part of town that surrounds the beach is very popular with tourists, and appeared to be still very much in full flow.

Rather than take the direct route back using the N-7 again, we chose to take the spectacular mountain coast road back to the motorway via Carboneras.

What a lovely day out, and again completed in beautiful sunny weather - even though we did have a rain shower after dark yesterday evening. The temperature that was indicated in the mountain village square at 2.00pm this afternoon where we had lunch, indicated 29 degrees.

Our daughter flies home tomorrow, leaving us to spend our remaining time here entertaining ourselves.

We are not looking forward to November onwards in the UK. Should I winterise the motorhome or drive it back out here? I know what I want to do!


  1. No contest, you could be back in a week!,

    1. That is true, but I have to convince Margaret that it would be great to spend the Winter months away from home even though everything about here is better than UK in Winter. Perhaps you could help me persuade her, although our 2012 cruise was three and a half months away. Living here would be much better. 😎


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