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Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Visitor For The Weekend

We have been watching the weather forecast intently during the last week, as our daughter was due to join us for the weekend, and there would be nothing worse than her arriving from the London rain to have yet more of it while here with us.

The forecast for this weekend has been very mixed, and we have seen heavy rain in Madrid from the news reports about the Ebola crisis, and have also been told of rain on the west coast of Spain by friends who are currently there.

But here? We have seen none of it. It must be true that all bad weather from the west is dropped on the mountains leaving this area in the most south easterly territory dry for most of the year, creating the desert conditions.

Certainly Thursday was the hottest sunniest day yet since our arrival, with no wind and no cloud at all, with temperatures just topping 30 degrees at midday.

We collected Jillian from the airport early on Friday morning, and that too turned out to be another stunning day, but this time with a breeze, which provided perfect conditions for the kite surfers at Playa De Almeria.

We showed her around town in the afternoon. Today, Saturday, we will show her Playa De Cabo De Gata, before visiting Alberto's for drinks and tapas at lunchtime with the gang, and later showing her Monsul and San Jose. This evening we have a table for nine booked at a local restaurant, and tomorrow we may venture up to the picturesque village of Mojacar. Jill returns to the UK on Monday morning. It looks like the weather has been kind to us again.

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