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Friday, 3 October 2014

Almeria City.

After a leisurely breakfast we decided to drive the short distance to visit Almeria City. We like to use the coast road rather than the motorway, although both routes are very quiet. Of course, siesta time doesn't tend to apply in the metropolis.

In its past Almeria was a busy port, and there are remnants of its past in the form of disused port railway lines, loading piers and docks. Today several car ferries use the port for the start and finish, to and from their destinations around the Mediterranean.

The weather today is a scorcher, with hot sun taking the midday temperature over 30 degrees. There is still plenty of cloud over the mountains in the distance though. That is where all the bad weather usually falls long before it reaches here, and this is the reason for the desert climate.

The city has also been used as locations in many a Hollywood movie, the ones I remember are Lawrence of Arabia and Patton. There are frequent direction boards placed around the city so visitors can use the marked locations to visit the scenes for themselves if they wish. Many of the city buildings were used to portray Egypt for the Lawrence of Arabia movie starring Peter O'Toole. The famous storming of the train scenes were however shot out in the desert, without the slightest hint of a nearby railway. The movie director shipped in his own train, complete with a couple of miles of track just for the purpose of recreating the scene.

Tomorrow it is market day in Cabo de Gata, followed by lunchtime drinks and tapas with a group of over-wintering friends - not just from the UK, but from other countries such as Germany as well. This is at a lovely rural bar owned by Alberto. We usually take over the place in numbers, and the way it works is - buy a beer, (naranje for me - driving :-( , and your choice of tapas comes gratis. More drinks more choice of tapas.

On Monday we are invited to a local birthday celebration. Next Friday sees our daughter arrive for the weekend, then on Saturday nine of us will be out for dinner at a local restaurant a short walk from our apartment.



  1. It looks all very clean and tidy

    1. Yes Tom it is. That is not to say there is the odd area of graffiti here and there, and many dilapidated buildings particularly as you get out of town, but the Spanish municipal services seem to leave ours standing. For example there are waste bins every 100 yards or so which receive a brand new liner during the night every night. Have we made financial cuts in the wrong places? I believe we most certainly have.


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