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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cabo De Gata Market.

Today being Saturday it was market day in Cabo. This used to be a unauthorised affair held on the beach car park, but in recent years the local council has issued licences to traders who would like to operate stalls officially in an adjacent market square.

Fruit and vegetables can be bought very cheaply, and there is the odd clothing or shoe stall, with an enclosed fresh fish market.

While we were there today I couldn't decide whether to buy this as a doer upper motorhome to leave here for when we visit, or to push the boat out and secure this very reasonable detached villa with a view, that is in need of minor refurbishment.

At 1.00pm is was time for drinks and tapas at Alberto's, who welcomed us all as old friends as usual, before we returned to our friends camp site to spend the rest of the hot and sunny afternoon with them.

On the way back there we stopped off at the viewing point over the salt marshes where there is a hide provided to view the various species of wildlife that can be found here, as indicated on the information sign.

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