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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Today's short trip out was to CostaCabana, which is located adjacent to Almeria Airport on the coast road between Almeria City and El Toyo. It is just a few kilometres from our base at Retamar.

The village is small, with its own 1km Avenida Marinera which fronts a beach of rock and pebbles to the south west, transforming to the more normal gritty volcanic sand to the north east. The beaches in this area get more sandy with less grit and pebbles the further north you travel up the east coast of the country. This beach also appears to be dog friendly as we observed many of the locals walking their pets here during the morning.

Of all the places around this area, CostaCobana would be our choice to live. It has a great upmarket feel to it, which unfortunately is reflected in the property prices. A brief check revealed a 1 bedroom studio apartment overlooking the western beach at €90,000, a three bedroom terraced house in the same location for €495,000, rising to a stunning detached villa on the eastern beach for just shy of €3,000,000! The average 3 bedroom apartment in the gated complex in Retamar where we are, which also benefits from a swimming pool, sells for between €100,000 - €150,000. A few kilometres makes a huge difference.

After a walk up and down the marine drive, and half an hour taking in the rays, it was back for lunch at the apartment. Living here you have to treat every day as you would at home. It isn't possible to have daily excursions, and to eat out frequently on a budget similar to what we have at our disposal at home in the UK. However, with the weather set hot and sunny and cloudless skies with an average daily temperature of 30+ degrees for the next two weeks at least, I could see the idea growing on me.


  1. It looks both nice and affordable!

  2. Yes very nice, but unfortunately way out of our league. We might just scrape an apartment here, houses and villas - no. Bear in mind the area is also Spanish through and through, not ex-pat land as it is further north.


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