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Monday, 20 October 2014

Lunch With Bombo And Sammy.

Today we received an invitation to lunch from Bombo and Sammy, and when we arrived, much to our surprise, they had brought along mum and dad, Paul and Elaine, fellow bloggers from The Manly Ferry Blog. They knew that we had missed a meeting with them in Sydney in 2012, and the two little fellas wanted to make sure we all met up before they returned to Oz. They are such clever little fellas, because the day was a huge success for four people who have never met, yet felt they had known each other for years. Yes, that is the power of blogging.

We were told to meet at  Titos Beach Bar Mojacar which Sammy told Margaret was the coolest place in town to have a few drinks and lunch. Super food, loads of drinks, and all at very reasonable prices. Of course, all outdoors in the warm Spanish sun.

We chatted for hours on varying subjects, peppered with motorhome and narrowboat talk. We arrived in Mojacar at 11.45am and left at 6.15pm, and only then because they were closing the bar, and darkness was rapidly descending.

What a truly fantastic day, our best so far while we have been here this year.

Thanks Bombo and Sammy you did good.

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