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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

No More UK TV Reception In Southern Spain?

Are you living in Southern Europe and still unsure how to deal with the loss of UK TV channels that were provided on a free to air satellite until earlier this year when the satellite was replaced and the new beam didn't offer the same area cover?

The above screen shot from the BBC 1 early evening news was taken tonight from my HD TV in Southern Andalusia and has so far proved a successful alternative.

There are currently many alternatives available, but this one utilises an Apple TV box, widely available for around £79.95. Of course a high speed unlimited Internet connection is also another requirement for the success of this method, as well as an iPad that is running an iOS version that will allow Apple TV streaming.

The TV box comes pre-installed with apps that will allow you to view hundreds of movies and TV programmes which come at a small charge via the iTunes feature, but it also allows wireless streaming of anything that appears on an iPad which is connected to the same network. There are a few free channels such as Sky News and the Discovery Channel.

My own setup uses a wired Internet connection to the TV box via an Ethernet cable to the Internet router, and a wireless connection between the iPad and the router. The iPad must have one of the live TV streaming apps that are available - I am using the free (with adverts) version of Filmon. It is said that iOS is one of the best platforms for the Filmon app, providing a better screen resolution than others.

Set the Filmon app to play the channel of your choice, set the iPad to feed its screen through the Apple TV box to the HD TV, and there you have it - reliable UK TV once more.

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  1. I have an update, having been experimenting for the last few weeks. Watching UK TV directly from film on here in Europe results in several minutes of annoying adverts before watching, and after every change of channel. I have now downloaded the TV guide UK app for iOS, the one with the red heart as its icon, which not only includes a readily available guide to the mainstream UK channels, but also the ability to watch them, streamed through Film On. The difference is there are no adverts, other than an initial static one that can be deleted immediately. The app also includes the facility for any Apple device to stream content to the TV screen wirelessly via an Apple TV box. So, I now use my iPhone to provide our TV, leaving the iPad free for other use.


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