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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Good The Bad And The Ugly.

This location, to be found 4km down a corrugated dirt track between San Jose and Rodalquilar not only has its own real life bloody history, when in the 1920's the daughter of the owner decided that an arranged marriage was not for her, and attempted to elope with the true love of her life, a childhood sweetheart. The groom to be was murdered by the rejected groom's brother at the junction in the track nearby. The bride was critically injured in the ambush, but survived to live her life as a spinster. It was used in the 1965 Clint Eastwood movie "a Fistful Of Dollars", and again in the 1966 movie "The Good The Bad And The Ugly", this time being used to portray the mission at San Antonio, Texas.

It has also been used in other movies. The clip below shows Clint arriving by stagecoach in the latter movie.

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