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Friday, 12 December 2014

The New Yamaha Delight 115cc Motor Scooter.

Readers who may be researching vehicles to use with their motorhome once they have reached their destination may have already read my experiences with our Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter here: Living with the EC-03.
We have now used this high quality little Yamaha during our motorhome trips throughout last Summer, and although at 56kg and carrying no liquids, it has lots of advantages for this type of use, its very limited range lets it down for us somewhat. I have extended that by fitting LED bulbs all round, (the lights are permanently on when riding, for safety), but at its maximum 28mph I can still only achieve around 15 miles or so, with a 7 hour charge time in between. More range is available if used in the low power mode, but that is really slow, and in my own opinion then has issues when used on open roads midst other, faster moving traffic.

As I indicated at the end of my post about the EC-03, in our own circumstances I would have been better with the new Yamaha Delight as it would offer much more versatility.

I have now bought one ready to use next season.

At 98kg wet weight, it just about fits within the maximum payload allowance I have for the rear garage of our motorhome, leaving a margin of around 52kg to spare before we reach our total maximum allowed payload above the weighbridge certificate I obtained during Summer when we were fully loaded, less the EC-03. Height is also a consideration, with a maximum locker door height of 1040mm, with more available once inside. The Delight fits through the door with a few cms to spare at the handlebar once the mirrors are removed, and the angle of the loading ramp comes into play.

The Delight is a 115cc 4-stroke scooter, and is by design very small and light-weight for its class. Being that size of engine, the UK rider must hold either a full motorcycle license or at least a provisional one with a CBT, (Compulsory Basic Training), pass. It has a top speed (one-up) of around 55mph. I have acquired a lightweight aluminium motorcycle loading ramp to get it into the storage locker (which we tried at the Yamaha dealership before finalizing our purchase), and it fits fine, except it obviously takes up more room than the EC-03 did. It is also relatively easy to get in there, but is easier if two people are involved in the process if just to guide it in. Once at our destination, as the bike has a large comfy dual seat, I expect it should be able to cope with trips into the city two-up without having to tidy everything up within the camper in order to use that.

If you think this might be an idea you could use (I don't like the idea of towing cars - too many regulations for one thing - particularly in Europe), then the Yamaha website, with all the tech-specs can be found here: Yamaha Delight Specifications.

I went for the metallic creamy white version. Most scooters in Spain are white!


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