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Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Pleasant Day Out In Portsmouth.

Today, we had a trip to Portsmouth, my first visit, and the weather was just great! We did the usual stuff - the historic Naval Dockyard where you can visit HMS Victory and the much later HMS Warrior, built in 1859, and was the first armour clad hull built on a timber frame, with a mixture of steam and square rigged sail power providing a top speed of 17 knots in any conditions. The huge propellor had to be man hauled from the water while under way on sail only to reduce drag.

There were a couple of frigates as well as the new type "stealth" destroyers in dock today, and the old Illustrious, which has now been decommissioned. An all attractions ticket is the best value, as there are many to see, including a tour around an early nuclear submarine, accessed from the main dockyard by water bus. We decided to take the harbour cruise today though.

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