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Monday, 16 February 2015

Central London, (Again)!

I say "again", but that is not meant to be derogatory - we love visiting London, and always manage to find new things to do and see, even though we have been many times before.

Today we chose to visit Soho and the West End. Above is the rear of The Liberty store, which was the outlet for so much of the arts and crafts movement and William Morris from the 1870's and the end of the 19th century, again with strong links with my great great grandfather who was a print block designer in the Manchester calico printing industry as well as an artist following and recognised by Shields, Rossetti and others of the Manchester movement. Morris's old water powered manufacturing factory, now a historic place of interest is located just a few hundred yards from my current location - Merton Priory.

The last time I walked down Carnaby Street was in the early 1970's accompanied by girls in boldly patterned mini dresses and those glossy patent white knee length boots that were iconic of that era. Today it is no different to any other shopping street, except for the frequent references to its past.

We walked down Regent Steet and Oxford Street, entering the shops that held an interest to the ladies. But my terms were that if they wanted to touch handbags they couldn't afford, and feel the material of impractical outfits, then I must be allowed to enter a shop of my own choice. Today, that was Hamleys toy shop and I insisted on exploring all floors to look at the many demonstrations going on of all the new innovations of current toy technology.

Above is Oxford Circus. By now the forecasted rain had started to arrive, so we had a quick bite at the a branch of the Golden Arches - I never refuse one of those, before boarding the tube at Bond Street to start our journey back to SW19.

We are off by car to meet relatives in West Sussex tomorrow.

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