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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Trip Home To Wigan

We prefer the train these days to making the journey to London by car. It is difficult to use the car once there in any case, and costs a fortune to park, even on the road outside our daughter's home due to the close proximity to the underground station and the resident permit scheme.

We now always use the Glasgow to Euston Virgin Trains Pendalino service, as it passes through and stops at Wigan North Western Station, which is within 5 miles of our home. Virgin offer discounted fares if you are flexible in your travel requirements and are able to book up to 12 weeks in advance. The service from Wigan to Euston makes just one other stop at Warrington Bank Quay. Once in London we board the Northern Line tube from Euston, using our Transport For London Oyster Cards, and once at our destination, our daughter's apartment is just two minutes walk from the tube station. Easy!

We normally buy tickets as cheaply as possible, but our trip home today was completed First Class, as the price differential was negligible, and cost us only £40 each.

For that we were entitled to use the Virgin Trains First Class Lounge at Euston Station, which not only included comfy seating away from the usual hustle and bustle, with relaxing piped music, but also complementary refreshments, and even a shower if that's what you require.

Once on the train we took up our roomy seats, sitting facing each other with a table between us. The added benefits during the 2 hour and 5 minute journey home were free wi-fi, free tea and coffee, free soft drinks, wine, hot snacks, sandwiches, crisps and snacks, fruit and cakes, all served at your seat by an attendant.

All that was left for me to take care of was to ensure that my travelling partner didn't take the offer of free wine to heart. I've been there before, but that was in Venezuela, and part of another story from 2012 that can be found on this site.

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