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Monday, 30 March 2015

An Audience With His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

How does that song go.......?

Oh what a day. We were up at 6.45am and skipped breakfast to make our way next door to the Dalai Lama Temple for our audience with him today.

Our guide yesterday arranged everything for us, taking us to the security office to have our screening completed and our details logged on to computer before our audience permit was issued.

We were told that we could not take possessions other than a wallet and our passport. No bags, no phones, no cameras, absolutely nothing else. This would be double checked at security within the temple today. It was and security was indeed very tight, involving frisking and electronic detectors. Once in the building, it was a wait of about two hours, but then things started to happen quickly.

His Holiness spoke to me, shook my hand, and then held Jill's hand throughout, while a photograph to record this ever more rare event was taken. He then gave a talk of an hour's duration about his philosophy.

Images of today can be viewed at later today, although ours can be seen right here.

Tomorrow we have to be ready to leave by 9.00 am as our driver will collect us for the 8 hour road trip to our next destination, Shimla.


  1. Who is the monk at the Dalai Lama's right shoulder? :-)

  2. Yes, I've often been referred to as a monk due to the hole in my haircut :-)

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful experience, certainly one to treasure.

    1. Hi Jenny. A rare occasion these days and we just happened to be right place right time.


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