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Sunday, 29 March 2015

McLeod Ganj

I have to admit that my own first impressions of this place yesterday were not too good, although Margaret and Jillian did not agree. Perhaps it was that our hotel, although described as the best in the area, is what you might also call "rustic". It is Tibetan, run by Tibetans and an overnight stay has shown me it is spotlessly clean and very friendly. A hiccup with the air conditioning has now also been fixed - a flat battery in the remote control. So all is now good. The area can also be described as "backpacker" in the mountains.

Ravi, our guide for here collected us at 10 am, and although Sunday, with most places closed, we managed a fabulous day, which included an amazing discovery. His knowledge of the area was excellent.

We visited the Protestant Church of St. John in the Wilderness, only to find it is the burial place and memorial of a distant relative of mine, James Bruce, Viceroy of India in 1863. (He is the grand uncle of the husband of my 3rd cousin once removed) or, as I prefer the brother of the great grandfather of the elderly lady we visit regularly in West Sussex, Thomas Charles Bruce. She is my fourth cousin. I hold the last will and testament of the Dowager Countess as well as many legal documents relating to the transfer and management of land on her death. When the guide found this out the information went around the church elders who were present for the Sunday service and we were made very welcome.

Another event today, which resulted from our visit to the Temple of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, which is just next door to our hotel, is that we have been granted an audience with him tomorrow! How good is that! Here is the document to prove it.

More images of the area....

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